Sunday, July 21, 2013

ROGUES MC from Holland and DEATH TRAPS MC from California visit EL FORASTERO MC Sioux City, IA June 2013

It was great meeting guys from both clubs. They are really into choppers and we are looking forward to getting together again. We had such a great time.


beer said...

Tom, we very very honoured to have finally met you guys in person! Hope this will be the start of a lasting friendship. Hope to see you here. We will stay in touch for sure. RMCF, Chop till Ya drop
Beer President Rogues MC Opmeer Holland Europe

Tom Fugle said...

Beer, this is definitely going to be a continued friendship that will last forever. Everybody that you met is still talking about you guys, and the fact that you all are into building and riding choppers. That's why it will last! It gets rid of all the politics when you have so much in common with each other no matter where we are in this world.

With Love and Respect
Tom Fugle ~ EFMC ~

Brian Edwards said...

It was awesome to meet your clubs. I'll never forget either one.